WATER SUPPLY - Imported Water - Kelly Rodgers

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Develop new and flexible water storage opportunities for the Water Authority's Colorado River supplies, including Lake Mead storage. Dec-2021 Jun-2023 The Water Authority is continuing dialogue at the federal, state, and local level, including with Reclamation and MWD, to obtain storage in Lake Mead which would provide both local and basin-wide benefits. In March, the Water Authority sent a letter to MWD General Manager Hagekhalil to renew discussions to develop a mutually acceptable pilot project for water storage in Lake Mead and those discussions are ongoing. The Water Authority's ability to store water in Lake Mead would provide Basin-wide benefits in regard to supporting Drought Contingency Plan efforts, which is especially critical now given the declining conditions on the river. It would also provide benefits to the region by enhancing operational flexibility in management of our supplies. Rodgers-Schnell
2 As authorized by the Board, continue to explore the viability of alternative conveyance of QSA supplies, including partnership and funding opportunities, through completion of Regional Conveyance System Study Phase B to help inform the region's impending decision on future supply resource mix. Dec-2021 Jun-2023 Phase B work has been delayed to accommodate consideration of MWD's updated rates which serve as a foundation for the MWD rate forecasts and, in turn, an input into the overall economic analysis. The revised target date is an estimate. Poursadighi
3 Build awareness of and support for the Regional Conveyance System Study and solicit input through various stakeholder engagement opportunities. Dec-2021 Jun-2023 Staff continues to address questions from stakeholders in a one-on-one manner as they arise. See Objective 2 for additional details on the schedule. Simon
4 Complete Canal Lining Post Construction Mitigation Projects. Dec-2023 Staff continues to collaborate with the Coachella Valley Water District, Imperial Irrigation District, Bureau of Reclamation, and regulatory agencies to implement the remaining post-construction mitigation requirements. Staff is working on a closure report to document completion of all mitigation obligations (such as creation of 17-acre Marsh) except one, which is partially complete and a plan for its completion has been prepared and is currently being reviewed by the agencies for approval. Poursadighi
5 In tandem with the Water Authority's MWD Delegates, advocate key policy solutions at MWD and to key stakeholders to ensure MWD's long-term financial sustainability and viability, and ultimately obtain support for MWD to adopt a long-term finance plan. Dec-2023 Staff supported the Delegates in their effort to advocate MWD update the 2020 Integrated Water Resources Plan (IRP) in parallel with its rate review so that MWD's resource planning, financial planning, and rate structure are aligned to ensure water affordability and prevent stranded assets. In February 2022, MWD announced it would undertake a long-range financial planning effort in the upcoming fiscal years 2023 and 2024 biennium. In April 2022, MWD's General Manager announced MWD will integrate its upcoming IRP One Water Implementation plan, rate review, long-range finance plan, Climate Action Plan, and other processes. Chen-Mendelson
6 Work in concert with the General Counsel's office to achieve resolution of all pending rate cases, including obtaining a final judgment for the 2010 and 2012 cases by Fall 2020, and attain court decisions on the offsetting benefits and returning of Water Stewardship Charge overcharge on the Exchange Agreement by 2025 Jun-2025 Staff continued to provide strategic and technical support to the litigation team to ensure the satisfactory resolution of remaining rate cases. On March 17, 2022, the appellate court confirmed the Water Authority as the prevailing party in the 2010 and 2012 rate cases. On March 21, 2022, MWD paid almost $15 million to the Water Authority for attorney costs and fees, plus interest. In total, the Water Authority has received almost $95 million in damages, attorney fees, and interest since 2021. On May 16, 2022, the trial started for the consolidated 2014, 2016, and 2018 cases, which include offsetting benefits claims. Before the trial began, the court ruled in a motion for adjudication summary that Proposition 26 applies to MWD. The evidentiary hearing concluded on July 1. Closing argument is scheduled for September 27, 2022. Chen
7 Participate in Basin States and intrastate policy discussions on renegotiation of the 2007 Interim Guidelines. Jun-2025 Since July 2021, the Basin States and Reclamation have held regular meetings to discuss interim measures to raise the elevation in Lake Mead as well as the next set of operating guidelines for the river. The Water Authority attends these meetings and has been very engaged, including via work groups. From these meetings, the Lower Basin 500+ Plan was developed to reduce the risk of Lake Mead declining further in 2022 and 2023. Additionally, the Basin States agreed to Department of Interior recommended measures designed to bolster storage in Lake Powell for water year 2022, providing additional certainty of calendar year 2023 releases to Lake Mead. Staff continues to remain engaged through other forums such as the Colorado River Board, the MWD Board, binational workgroups, discussions at the state and federal level, and the Colorado River Water Users Association conference held in December. Rodgers-Schnell
8 Increase involvement and strengthen relationships on binational water and related issues between the U.S. and Mexico through participation in workgroups and other forums, and collaboration on potential partnerships. Jun-2025 The Water Authority participates in the Binational Desalination Workgroup created under Minute 323. Staff also continues to evaluate other opportunities for additional binational partnerships that could provide the Water Authority flexibility and also support the long-term sustainability of the river, especially in light of the CY 2022 Colorado River lower basin shortage declaration and anticipated shortage conditions in CY 2023. Rodgers-Schnell
9 Advance policies, programs, and projects that are consistent with the Water Authority Board's Bay-Delta and Project Policy Principles, including the conditional support of a single-tunnel Bay-Delta project, contingent on the proper allocation of project costs on MWD's rates and charges. Jun-2025 On numerous occasions, Water Authority staff have communicated with the Newsom Administration, the San Diego legislative delegation, and a variety of external parties regarding the Water Authority Board's conditional support for the Bay-Delta fix alternative, along with a comprehensive explanation of the rates/charges conditions that would need to be satisfied to address the Water Authority's interests. Valencia-Chen
10 As authorized by the Board, continue to explore the viability of alternative conveyance of QSA supplies, including partnership and funding opportunities, through completion of subsequent phases of the Regional Conveyance System Study, to help inform the region's impending decision on its future supply resource mix. Jun-2025 Any future phases are at the discretion of the Board. Poursadighi
11 Work with QSA JPA parties and Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program stakeholders to ensure all required environmental mitigation is implemented. Jun-2025 At QSA JPA quarterly meetings in January and March 2022, the status report on mitigation measures indicated all activities are on track and in compliance with requirements. At the June 2022 QSA JPA meeting, the QSA JPA Commission considered approval of a new budget for FY 2023 to fund mitigation projects. Environmental coverage for the LCR MSCP program is based on permitted volume changes to the amount of annual water flows in various stretches of the river from approved programs. Reclamation has initiated formal consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on a proposed modification to the program that would cover decreased flows associated with the Lower Basin 500+ Plan, the latest initiative to support additional conservation efforts in 2022 and 2023 for Lake Mead. Although Reclamation is leading the consultation process, the non-federal LCR MSCP permittees are considered applicants to the process. Stakeholders are working to determine the additional environmental requirements. Schnell
12 Engage with the state Salton Sea Management Program, state policymakers, and opinion leaders to ensure the state meets its obligations for restoration at the Salton Sea. Jun-2025 Staff continues their role on the State's Salton Sea Management Program Community (SSMP) Engagement Committee, helping set up virtual workshops to provide updates on the state's restoration efforts. Additionally, staff was appointed to the newly reformed SSMP Long-Range Planning Committee, and participated in a number of meetings establishing the framework for developing the state's long-term restoration program. Staff continues to update the newly launched QSA JPA website to ensure stakeholders are informed of the QSA JPA's work. Finally, staff engaged regularly with the Salton Sea Authority executive director to discuss issues of common interest and maintain relations. Simon
13 Lead stakeholder briefings, annual tours, and manage the Imperial Valley Currents blog to enhance relationships and exchange perspectives on efficiency-based water conservation, Salton Sea issues, and water diversification in the San Diego region. Jun-2025 Water Authority staff continues to meet with IID Board members and staff to support collaboration in addressing issues of common interest, like the impacts of the ongoing drought on the Colorado River, storage in Lake Mead, and mitigation efforts at the Salton Sea. Discussions have also begun to lay the groundwork for future meetings on the water transfer agreement extension. Additionally, staff is continuing to engage with the farming community, environmental groups, business leaders and the county to maintain relations. Staff is continuing to leverage the Imperial-San Diego Currents blog to keep the community updated on critical water issues with many of the posts providing material for the Water News Network. Simon
14 Work in concert with the Water Authority's Board Officers and MWD Delegates to collaborate with MWD staff, Directors, member agencies, and stakeholders to ensure long-term supply and facility reliability and fiscal sustainability, through the 2020 Integrated Water Resources Plan update, evaluation of the Regional Recycled Water Program, and other efforts. Jun-2025 Staff actively engaged in the 2020 update of MWD's IRP through MWD Member Agency Managers Meetings, MWD's "technical" workgroup, expert panel discussions, and discussions with individual agencies. The Delegates successfully advocated that MWD coordinate its IRP update, rate review, long-range financial planning, and climate action planning processes to ensure its resource management and financial plans are aligned and create a path to fund the services member agencies are willing to pay for. In December 2021, MWD agreed to accommodate the Delegates' request to undertake a cost of service study for the Regional Recycled Water Program. In May 2022, MWD's General Manager announced that MWD's Climate Action Plan will be used as the "umbrella over all" of MWD's long-term plans, including the IRP and long-range finance plan. Chen
15 Work in concert with the Water Authority's Board Officers and MWD Delegates to ensure collaboration, equity, and transparency through various MWD processes, including but not limited to the Rate Refinement and General Manager Selection processes. Jun-2025 Staff supported the Delegates' efforts related to the independent investigation of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)-related allegations and implementation of the outside counsel's recommendations. The Delegates are advocating that the MWD board address the EEO allegations and April 2022 state audit of MWD workplace concerns expeditiously and transparently. Staff also supported the Delegates' efforts to advocate that MWD provide timelines for the rate review and other long-range financial and resources planning processes, as well as a description of how the plans will be integrated. Due in part to the Delegates' efforts to keep fiscal year 2023 and 2024 rate increases limited to 5% each year, ratepayers will save an estimated $15 million over the biennium. Chen

WATER SUPPLY - Local Water - Kelley Gage

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Serve on the Consultation Committee for the San Dieguito Water Quality Improvement Plan to protect water quality at Hodges Reservoir. Jan-2021 Staff served on the consultation committee at the request of the City of San Diego for its update to the San Dieguito Water Quality Improvement Plan. Staff submitted comments on the draft plan to the City of San Diego in October 2020. Dobalian
2 Coordinate with member agencies and Water Research Foundation to evaluate the benefits of the Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant supply and new local supplies. Jun-2022 Jun-2023 Water Research Foundation’s second phase of the Carlsbad Desalination Plant Integration Study began in October 2020. This project has been extended due to delays with funding and data collection from various project partners caused by COVID-19. The team has completed several tasks including water quality and operational data collection, the regional salinity loading model, and the economic impact model (initial version). The research team is currently analyzing the water quality data and will be conducting a workshop to review the data later this year. The draft report is anticipated by January 2023. Faber-Dobalian
3 Complete Contract Administration Memoranda and any necessary Water Purchase Agreement contract amendments for the final phase of the new intake and discharge facilities at the Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant. Sep-2022 Poseidon and Water Authority staff have initiated design, permitting and financing efforts for the final intake improvements. Next steps include advancing the design to 60-percent and finalizing financing options so terms and conditions of the Contract Administration Memorandum (CAM) can be developed. Staff anticipates requesting CAM approval at the September 2022 Board meeting. Crutchfield
4 Advocate for state and federal funding opportunities applicable for the Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant Intake Modifications Project and apply as such programs are made available. Dec-2022 The Intake Screen Demonstration Project has received a total of $737,500 in grant funding from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and Metropolitan. This project is complete and staff is in the process of invoicing DWR and MWD for contracted funds. Crutchfield-Herbon
5 Participate on a national Water Reuse Action Plan workgroup to evaluate NPDES permitting to support reuse projects. Jan-2023 Staff participated on a national NPDES water reuse workgroup in collaboration with EPA and the WateReuse Association and provided input into development of a guidance document on permitting reuse projects. Dobalian
6 Support Poseidon with development and implementation of the intake screen demonstration project to optimize the proposed intake technology. Mar-2023 The Intake Screen Demonstration Project completed 12 months of operation and was removed from service in February 2022. The active screen with the cleaning mechanism demonstrated it could perform in the lagoon environment, whereas the passive screen required significant cleaning to remain in operation. The draft report has been submitted and a final report is anticipated in July 2022. Faber
7 Coordinate with member agencies to submit applications to MWD for LRP and other funding opportunities and advocate for criteria which is supportive of member agency projects. Jun-2023 Staff is monitoring seven active LRP projects through annual compliance reporting. Staff also assists with amendments and requests for extension. There are no new project applications pending but staff is ready to process any new LRP applications, requests for extensions, or amendment requests as they come in. Lovsted
8 Complete all submittal reviews within the Water Purchase Agreement required timeframe during oversight of the design, construction, and commissioning of the Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant's permanent intake and discharge facilities in compliance with the Ocean Plan Amendment. Dec-2023 This effort will begin in September 2022. Crutchfield
9 Coordinate with the member agencies to provide comments to the State Water Resources Control Board on development of monitoring requirements and standards for constituents of emerging concern in potable and recycled water. Jun-2025 Water Authority staff continued to track and engage on regulatory developments related to constituents of emerging concern, including PFAS and microplastics. Staff is participating in an ACWA workgroup on PFAS and is chairing a microplastics workgroup. Staff provided comments to the SWRCB on its draft microplastics monitoring requirements in December 2021, and is advocating with ACWA for a pilot phase to gather more information before monitoring is required. Dobalian

WATER SUPPLY - Resource Planning - Kelley Gage

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Complete the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan update to identify supplies necessary to meet future demands and comply with the Urban Water Management Planning Act. Jul-2021 Board adopted Resolution No. 2021-15, on May 27, 2021, to approve the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan. Stephenson-Bombardier
2 Update the 2008 Model Drought Response Conservation Ordinance for inclusion in and consistency with the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. Jul-2021 Board adopted Resolution No. 2021-15, on May 27, 2021, to approve the Model Drought Ordinance as part of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. Stephenson
3 Update the Water Shortage Contingency Plan to comply with state requirements and include the plan as part of the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan. Jul-2021 Board adopted Resolution No. 2021-15, on May 27, 2021, to approve the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. Stephenson
4 Secure $2.5 million in external funding such as grant awards, utility funding, and in-kind contributions to support water-use efficiency programs. Jun-2022 The Water Authority has secured $1.8 million from a Prop 1 Round 1 grant award, additional Prop 84 Round 3 funds that were reallocated from another project to the conservation project, and funding from the County of San Diego. The Water Authority has completed a USBR grant agreement for $288,000 in funding from the WaterSmart Program. The Water Authority received approval to use an additional $300,000 from MAAP funding in May 2022. Lovsted
5 Secure the San Diego Region's allocated share of approximately $36 million in Integrated Regional Water Management grant funding, from the Department of Water Resource's Proposition 1 program. Jun-2022 Jun-2023 A new proposal solicitation package (PSP) for Proposition 1, Drought Grant Program was released in October 2021; and a grant application for the IRWM San Diego Funding Area was submitted in January 2022. The San Diego IRWM received $5 million from this grant program in March 2022 and is working on agreements. To date, the region has been awarded $20.8 million in Prop 1 grant funds. The region expects to receive approximately $16 million in funding from the second round of Prop 1 funding. It is currently in the project selection process and will submit an application in August 2022. Delays have been caused by DWR and the SWRCB’s delay in developing and releasing PSP. Lovsted
6 Advocate with member agencies the equitable and reasonable development of statewide water use efficiency targets by the Department of Water Resources and State Water Resource Control Board. Jun-2022 Jul-2023 Staff actively participated in DWR workgroups and with associations and stakeholders on standard recommendations. DWR is expected to make recommendations to the State Board in June of 2022. Staff plans to update the Board in July 2022. DWR is behind on making recommendation and SWRCB will not meet July 2022 deadline for adoption due to delays by the State. Lovsted
7 Engage in the San Diego LAFCO process on Fallbrook/Rainbow detachment to ensure all conditions outlined in Board Resolution 2020-06 are fully addressed. Dec-2022 LAFCO’s expert consultant, Dr. Hanemann, released his Final technical report December 31, 2021. The Water Authority’s Detachment Work Group of the Board has met ten times since April 2021 to receive briefings on the ongoing LAFCO reorganization process, and will continue to meet as needed. The decision at LAFCO on detachment is anticipated to go before the Commission either late 2022 or early 2023. Gage
8 Work with member agencies to maximize water use efficiency funding from MWD for Member Agency Administered Programs (MAAP). Jul-2025 Staff worked with member agencies to develop the two-year budget for MAAP funding. After a review of project status, funding has been allocated to a toilet direct install program to use the full $1.6 million. In May 2022, the Water Authority was approved to spend an additional $300k of MAAP funding. Lovsted
9 Prepare an annual water supply and demand assessment beginning in 2022, in coordination with the member agencies, that complies with state requirements. Jul-2025 On May 11, 2022, staff held a coordination meeting with member agencies in which a review of DWR’s reporting tables for the Annual Water Supply and Demand Assessment was conducted. A survey was subsequently sent out to member agencies requesting their CY 2023 dry-year local supplies and demand on the Water Authority. Staff compiled agencies’ responses, prepared the regional dataset, and reported the Water Authority’s draft Annual Water Supply and Demand Assessment to DWR by the required deadline of June 1. Bombardier

WATER FACILITIES - Infrastructure/CIP - Gary Bousquet

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Complete the San Diego 5A/5B/5C Flow Control Facility Planning Study and identify a preferred rehabilitation approach with sufficient engineering analysis to initiate detailed design. Mar-2021 The planning study is complete, and the project has been transitioned to Engineering Design. The preferred rehabilitation approach includes a new Flow Control Facility at the site of the former hydroelectric facility and a new turnout upstream of the existing turnout. Faber
2 Complete the Northern First Aqueduct Structures and Lining Rehabilitation project to improve operations and the reliability of First Aqueduct treated water deliveries. Jun-2021 Construction is complete. In March 2021, the Board authorized the General Manager to accept the project and file Notice of Completion. Olvera
3 Complete a detailed study for the repair time estimates of the Water Authority's aqueduct and pipeline system-based changes in seismic hazard evaluation and pipeline response to earthquakes. Dec-2021 Mar-2022 Objective complete. The study was delayed due to consultant staff availability as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoaf
4 Complete the Moosa Canyon Planning Study and related preliminary engineering analysis to develop long-term pipeline protection and repair alternatives for the Second Aqueduct pipelines crossing the canyon. Dec-2021 Jul-2022 The planning study has been delayed due to increasing the alternative screening effort to include additional engineering investigations. The team has completed the fine screening and a preferred alternative (soft ground tunnel) has been selected. The next steps include finalizing the preliminary design and cost estimate, and preparing a Project Approval Memorandum for transition to Engineering. Faber
5 Complete the Mission Trails Flow Regulatory Storage II and Flow Control Facility project to mitigate existing operational risks and meet future untreated water demands for the central and south county service areas. Apr-2022 Sep-2022 Construction contract awarded in January 2020 to OHL USA, inc. in the amount of $28,382,746. The project has been delayed due to inclement weather, design changes, and contractor schedule delays. Work is progressing and is 79% complete. Olvera
6 Complete the design for the Southern First Aqueduct Structures Rehabilitation project to improve operations and the reliability of First Aqueduct untreated water deliveries. Jun-2022 Jun-2023 Final design for this project is anticipated to complete in Summer 2023. Construction is planned to begin in Fall 2023. Design completion shifted to accommodate scope changes identified during Midpoint design review. Fountain
7 Complete the Hauck Mesa Storage Reservoir and Pipeline Surge Protection project to provide operational flexibility on the First Aqueduct and long-term surge protection for the Valley Center Pipeline Dec-2022 Construction contract awarded in January 2021 to Pacific Hydrotech, Inc. in the amount of $11,370,360. Work is progressing as scheduled and is about 37% complete. Olvera
8 Complete the Valley Center ESP Improvements project to provide treated water deliveries to VCMWD and YMWD during an emergency event. Jun-2023 Dec-2023 Final design for this project is anticipated to complete by Fall 2022. Project is delayed due to additional time required to define the scope. Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2023. Fountain
9 Complete the Alvarado Hydroelectric Rehabilitation project to provide an estimated $600k of annual revenue. Jun-2023 Dec-2025 Final design for this project is complete. At the time of design completion, the project was not economically viable due to energy market conditions and construction costs. Since that time, energy market changes have made this project economically viable. This project will be included in the FY24/25 CIP appropriation for construction. Fountain
10 Complete a Master Plan Update that evaluates facility needs based on projections from the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan and other system strategies that address anticipated lower flows and associated water quality challenges. Jun-2024 The Board approved a consultant contract in February 2022 to prepare the master plan. The team has conducted kickoff meetings with the Water Authority and the Member Agencies and held several data gathering workshops. The next steps include developing performance criteria and starting the supply and demand analysis. Faber
11 Complete the design for the Carlsbad 5 Flow Control Facility project to allow desalination water delivery directly from the Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant to the Carlsbad Municipal Water District. Jun-2025 Carlsbad MWD is currently evaluating new sites for this facility and is anticipated to provide feedback in December 2022. Fountain
12 Explore opportunities to strengthen the regional collaboration on asset management and implement strategies in support of our member agencies. Jun-2025 A collaborative effort to utilize satellite leak detection was successfully executed in early 2022 with five Member Agencies. Through the group buying power, a 30% reduction in costs was realized. A further $100k in grant funding was obtained. It is anticipated that this will be a multi-year initiative, allowing other Member Agencies to join in future years. A further seven agencies have indicated their interest for participating in late 2022 or beyond. Coghill
13 Using the latest proven and innovative pipeline assessment technologies, perform comprehensive condition assessment of the untreated water portion of the First Aqueduct. Jun-2025 Project is approved for inclusion in the FY 2022 / 2023 Budget and is contingent upon the execution of the Southern First Aqueduct Structures Rehabilitation project. Coghill
14 Formulate industry partnerships to determine cost effective solutions for re-evaluation (supplemental to initial baseline assessments) of large-diameter welded steel pipelines. Jun-2025 Initial discussions with a pipeline inspection vendor suggest that a localized Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) tool could be designed using MFL components obtained by the Water Authority in 2019. New technology is also being developed for large diameter steel pipelines using ultrasonic technology - an opportunity to test this technology will be evaluated in the future. Coghill
15 Complete the rehabilitation and/or replacement of three priority flow control facilities, extending the facilities' service life. Dec-2025 One priority flow control facility is currently in design and anticipated for construction in Summer 2023. One additional priority flow control facility began design in Fall 2021. A third priority flow control facility is scheduled to begin design in Summer 2022. Fountain
16 Complete an additional 4 miles of priority pipeline relining, extending the service life of the identified segments of the aqueduct system. Dec-2025 Construction bids were received for 1 mile of priority relining in June 2022. This project will be recommended for award at the July 2022 Board meeting. The additional 3 miles of priority relining is on track to be completed by the target date. Fountain

WATER FACILITIES - Sustainability - Kelley Gage

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Implement the environmental awareness training video on the California Environmental Quality Act and current environmental permitting requirements for relevant staff and include a process to track completion. Jan-2021 The training video was completed in July 2020. Staff is currently partnering with HR to use Target Solutions employee training portal to assign and track. As of October 5, 2020, 100% of staff assigned this training had completed it. Adleberg
2 Evaluate NCCP/HCP covered species list to determine if desirable to seek a major amendment to the NCCP/HCP, its implementing agreement, and State and Federal incidental take permits to revise the Covered Species list. Jun-2023 The 2023 Regional Water Facilities Master Plan and Supplemental Program EIR (PEIR) was approved by the Board in May 2022 and the need for a major/minor amendment to the NCCP/HCP will be evaluated as part of that process. Adleberg
3 Complete a minor amendment to the NCCP/HCP to add the Communications Master Plan as a covered activity. Develop and circulate, for public review, a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report/ Environmental Impact Statement for the Water Authority Subregional NCCP/HCP. Mar-2022 Dec-2023 The Aqueduct Control System (ACS) Communications Master Plan has been finalized and an approval memorandum was circulated for Director review in June 2022. The ACS Communications Master Plan will be incorporated into the 2023 Regional Water Facilities Master Plan and Supplemental Program EIR (PEIR). Development of the Supplemental PEIR began in June 2022 and the minor amendment to the NCCP/HCP will be evaluated as part of that process to better align with the anticipated work. Adleberg – Paver
4 Develop a minimum of three acres of wetland mitigation at the San Luis Rey Kendall site to mitigate impacts of near-term Capital Improvement Program projects. Jun-2022 Jun-2025 This project was on hold pending clarification of water rights’ issues to support mitigation land development that were not previously obtained with property acquisition. This delay did not impact other near-term CIP projects or O&M activities. With needed clarification achieved, permitting of this project has resumed with the Army Corps of Engineers. Construction is estimated to begin in the Fall of 2023. Fountain
5 Evaluate the need for and, if applicable, request an extension of the Stream and Lakebed Alteration Agreement for the Programmatic Routine Operations and Maintenance project in accordance with Fish and Game Code 1605, subdivision (b). Jun-2024 This objective will begin June 2023, unless determined to be necessary prior to that date. Adleberg
6 Pursue partnerships on leading-edge climate science projects and evaluate opportunities to incorporate climate research into planning processes. Jun-2025 On April 20, 2022, Water Authority staff attended the annual Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) staff coordination meeting in which WUCA’s 2023 workplan projects and knowledge gaps around the intersection of water, equity and climate were discussed. Staff also participated in the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E) Water Affiliates Group (WAG) virtual Spring 2022 roundtable meeting that focused on utilization of forecast tools during water year 2022 and WAG technical resources and programming planning. Lastly, in Nov. 2021, the Water Authority earned Climate Registered Gold Status from The Climate Registry (TCR) for verifying and publicly reporting its 2019 and 2020 greenhouse gas emissions in TCR’s public database. The effort fosters transparency for the agency’s climate mitigation initiatives and will help the Water Authority track and validate emissions reductions in the future. Corcovelos - Bista
7 Update the Army Corps of Engineers Programmatic Master Plan Permit and review, and update as necessary, the PMPP to ensure the analysis is current. Jun-2025 This objective is anticipated to begin in June 2024, unless determined to be necessary prior to that date. Adleberg
8 Complete the 2024 Climate Action Plan Update to track progress toward meeting the 2030 and 2045 greenhouse-gas targets, which include the state's adopted greenhouse-gas target for carbon neutrality by 2045. Jun-2025 The 2024 Climate Action Plan (CAP) Update will occur concurrently with the development of 2023 Regional Water Facilities Master Plan and Supplemental Program EIR. A task order will be authorized under Water Resources As-Needed Environmental Services Contract to begin work on the CAP by August 2022. Faber

WATER FACILITIES - Water System Management - Eva Plajzer

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Advocate for legislative or regulatory action allowing for cost of service, large-scale pumped energy storage model. Dec-2021 Senate Bill 170 allocated $18 million to the proposed San Vicente Energy Storage Facility project. Bousquet
2 Implement energy dashboard for tracking and centralizing energy generation and usage data. Dec-2022 Staff is evaluating the benefits of an energy dashboard and confirming resources required for development. If feasible and beneficial, work will begin in Fall 2022. Fountain
3 Identify potential properties for the new Operations and Maintenance Department Facility for Board consideration. Jun-2023 The top 2 properties previously evaluated and identified for due diligence consideration are no longer available for purchase. Staff continues to search for additional properties and will pursue due diligence efforts once one or more properties have been identified. Due diligence efforts include items such as evaluating specific properties for planning/zoning requirements, CEQA requirements, utilities, suitability of site improvements/buildings, and preparation of appraisals and title reports. Once due diligence efforts are completed and a property selected, Board approval will be pursued to purchase the property. Plajzer-Kross
4 Implement identified physical security assessment recommendations for critical facilities. Jun-2023 FY22/23 budgeted physical security improvement projects at specific Water Authority facilities are being scheduled and implemented. Physical security projects include installation of improved lock boxes to gates at critical facilities, improved signage, fencing modifications, installation of bollards at critical equipment and vault lid security upgrades. Garza
5 Implement phased recommendations from the Aqueduct Communication System Master Plan to enhance security and control of the Water Authority's Aqueduct Control System. Jun-2023 The Aqueduct Control System (ACS) Communications Master Plan has been finalized and an approval memorandum was circulated for Director approval in June 2022. The near-term steps identified in the ACS Communications Master Plan will be evaluated for scheduling and implementation with approved funding sources. Garza-Faber
6 Evaluate the feasibility of improving electric system resiliency at Water Authority facilities. Dec-2024 The energy resilience analysis began in May 2022 and is estimated to complete in Spring 2023. Fountain
7 Evaluate and incorporate new technology in collaboration with water quality equipment manufacturers to enhance the online water quality monitoring capabilities within the aqueduct system including both untreated and treated pipelines. Jun-2025 Discussions with manufacturers on new and innovative technologies continue. Staff has plans to install two more online water quality analyzers on the 2nd Aqueduct by the end of calendar year 2022. Castaing
8 Identify innovative opportunities for energy procurement to reduce energy costs and identify schedules for economically viable alternatives. Jun-2025 The draft feasibility study to evaluate a direct connection to the Carlsbad Desalination Plant will be complete in Summer 2022. Fountain
9 Participate in Federal and State regulatory proceedings to reduce energy costs and comply with California energy goals. Jun-2025 Staff continues to monitor and provide comments when appropriate on proceedings such as the CPUC's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Procurement track and Energy Storage Procurement Study; CAISO's Energy Storage Enhancements; and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) hydropower environmental permit applications. Kuzmich
10 Develop major maintenance and replacement plans for Escondido, Valley Center, Twin Oaks Area 10, Miramar, San Vicente and Olivenhain Pump Stations, and the Rancho Peñasquitos Pressure Control and Hydroelectric Facility. Dec-2025 Major maintenance and replacement plans for Escondido, Valley Center, Twin Oaks Area 10, Miramar, San Vicente and Olivenhain Pump Stations, and the Rancho Peñasquitos Pressure Control and Hydroelectric Facility have been completed. The plans will continue as working documents and will serve as a critical tool in managing and budgeting for equipment replacement and major maintenance functions. Garza

BUSINESS SERVICES - Business Support - Jason Foster

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Complete transition of all departments from the L drive to Sharepoint for primary reliance for file creation and maintenance. Dec-2021 Jun-2025 Currently working with Administrative Services department for first pilot migration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an unexpected vacancy, project was reprioritized and will continue into next calendar year. Bartolome
2 Implement new mobile computing strategy that increases organizational flexibility, resiliency and mobility. Jun-2022 Staff received approval in December 2020 to proceed with our updated computer replacement policy, practice, and funding recommendations. The new policy reflects the need to telework sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for increased operational resiliency. A backlog of computers that were in use beyond their planned service life have been replaced with new computers. Bartolome/Constantineau
3 Replace Kearny Mesa headquarters interior paint and carpeting. Jun-2023 Jun-2025 Painting and carpeting were deferred from the recommended FYs 2022-23 budget as a cost containment measure. Staff is reconsidering the scheduling of this initiative as the agency evaluates the potential long-term viability of hybrid work schedules. Carmona
4 Conduct independent re-assessment of Water Authority's physical security measures at Kearny Mesa headquarters. Jun-2023 Security improvements, based on recommendations identified in reviews conducted with the San Diego Police Department in October 2020, have been completed. Additional measures include installation of concrete planters around the front of the building to act as bollards, a new lobby door, an upgraded building security alarm, and a building-wide mass paging system. Instructions for staff on how use the mass paging system were provided in June 2022. Foster
5 Reduce energy use of the Kearny Mesa Headquarters from fiscal year 2018 baseline by 7 percent by the end of fiscal year 2023. Jun-2023 Through eleven months of FY 2022, energy use is up 2% compared to the same period in FY 2021. This is largely a result of staff's return to the office. The previous year saw a considerable reduction in usage due to the switch to telecommuting necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, usage is well below the target goal of 935,700 kwh, and on track to beat target use by over 25%. Carmona
6 Implement at least 30 additional measures based on best practices from the Center for Internet Security (CIS), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or other nationally recognized cybersecurity authorities. Jun-2025 Continued cybersecurity improvements are being adopted. A managed detection and response service has been added to provide added depth of coverage and expertise. This includes seasoned security professionals who have experience in incident handling, incident response, forensics, SOC analysis and IT administration. Constantineau
7 Adapt business insurance policies to cost-effectively meet the evolving needs of the Water Authority. Sep-2025 The renewal of all lines of coverage for FY 2023 is currently in progress, and expected to be completed by the end of June 2022. Staff has worked with the Water Authority's insurance broker to conduct and extensive marketing, and continues to explore ways to mitigate price increases that are affecting the current insurance market. Foster
8 Migrate electronic document management system to the cloud to improve systems resilience. Sep-2025 The Water Authority has set up a taxonomy structure in SharePoint as planned by the end of Fiscal Year 2022. This is an important preliminary step in planning for a smooth and effective transition. Carmona
9 Upgrade existing phone technology to complete the "unified communication" system (combined messaging, presence, phone, video conferencing, voicemail, and email) to expand organization-wide communication capabilities. Dec-2025 The objective of completing a "unified communication" system has been achieved through the agencywide adoption of Microsoft Teams communications as the agency responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and transitioned toward hybrid work schedules. Teams use has superseded the original plan to achieve unified communication through upgrading phone system hardware. Bartolome

BUSINESS SERVICES - Communication and Messaging - Denise Vedder

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Redesign sdcwa.org and microsites on an integrated, up-to-date operating system. Jun-2021 This objective has been completed. Lee
2 Participate on a Southern California Water Coalition task force to provide input into development of a regional outreach video on recycled water. Jun-2021 Staff from Water Resources and the MWD Program served jointly on the SCWC Recycled Water Task Force and Video Subcommittee. Staff participated in several meetings and provided input into the development of a three-video series about recycled water in Southern California. These videos, available in English and Spanish, were publicly released on November 15, 2020 and convey the simple message: Water: Too Precious to Use Just Once. Dobalian-Mendelson-Goossens
3 Execute effective advocacy strategies to defeat all legislation that the Water Authority Board opposes each year. Jun-2021 At the completion of the target date, there was no legislation on which the Board of Directors adopted an OPPOSE position that was approved by the Legislature and enacted into law. Valencia
4 Conduct communications and outreach activities that result in at least 80 percent of poll respondents agreeing that a reliable water supply are essential for a healthy economy and quality of life. Jun-2023 These metrics (reliable water supply being essential to quality of life and a healthy economy) have been measured since 2014. The next public opinion survey will continue to measure these metrics and will be conducted in summer 2022. Balben
5 Grow total social media audience by 10 percent annually through Fiscal Year 2023. Jun-2023 The baseline for social media followers is 22,745 as of June 2020. Since then, the Water Authority gained 4,574 followers, or an increase of 20%, for a total of 27,319 followers across its core social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube). Mora
6 Grow Water News Network page views by 10 percent annually trhough Fiscal Year 2023. Jun-2023 WNN page views were 110,273 for FY20, and 119,486 for FY21. There were 166,422 WNN page views as of 5/16/22, which is 125% toward the FY22 goal of 133,100 pageviews. Joyce
7 Provide member agencies with at least two outreach toolkits for current issues or campaigns annually through Fiscal Year 2023. Jun-2023 Staff developed toolkits for member agencies around the Faces of the Water Industry program in 2019, 2020, and 2021, including graphics, social posts and videos, along with a WNN story. Another toolkit was provided on water-use efficiency tips and reminders during summer 2021. A fouth toolkit on the Value of Water and the benefits of investments in reliable water supplies, and included social posts, video, and a WNN story template was provided in spring 2021. The drought toolkit is being updated in June 2022. Lee
8 Partner with five organizations serving disadvantaged communities to promote tap water as safe, convenient and affordable. Jun-2023 The Water Authority partnered with Catholic Charities, Chicano Federation of San Diego County, the Latino Health Coalition, the San Diego Food Bank, and South Bay Community Services. While the goal has been achieved, going forward, the Water Authority will continue to pursue partnerships to communicate the safety of the public water system. Vedder
9 Engage in outreach efforts that result in at least 50 percent of Citizens Water Academy alumni engaging in at least one alumni activity through Fiscal Year 2023. Jun-2023 Alumni engagement is currently at 43%. To increase engagement, staff has continued to provide weekly updates on the alumni LinkedIn group page. In August and October 2021, staff hosted virtual lunch and learn sessions in partnership with Leaders 20/20 and San Diego Green Drinks to discuss key topics, such as climate change, drought and water industry careers. Staff will plan alumni networking events in partnership with regional organizations during the summer and fall of 2022. Vedder-Gong
10 Convene the Potable Reuse Coordinating Committee to advocate for direct potable reuse criteria that supports potable reuse in the San Diego region. Jun-2023 Staff worked with the member agency workgroup and WateReuse CA to develop comments on the State's draft regulations for Direct Potable Reuse (DPR). Comments were submitted on June 24, 2021. Staff has continued to monitor development of the DPR criteria and attended the Expert Panel that met publicly four times in fiscal year 2022. The Expert Panel recommended revisions to the State’s draft DPR regulations. Staff will continue to track and advocate for potable reuse regulations that support member agency projects. Dobalian
11 Identify opportunities to partner with at least one or more Water Authority member agencies annually to co-sponsor legislation, collaborate on an administrative or regulatory request, or pursue a funding initiative. Jun-2025 The Water Authority is partnering closely on the co-sponsorship of initiatives during 2022 in the policy areas of certification and affordability. This includes working with the California Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association on changes to the State Water Board certification process. Valencia
12 Provide at least one briefing annually to each member of the San Diego state legislative delegation to enhance support for advancing and protecting the Water Authority's legislative interests. Jun-2025 Extensive briefings with the entire legislative delegation involving Water Authority Board members and management staff have been provided throughout the Business Plan reporting cycle. Several briefings with members of the San Diego legislative delegation occurred during 2021 and 2022. Valencia
13 Increase awareness and understanding of the Water Authority's interests by providing at least one briefing annually to each member of the San Diego congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. and the San Diego district office. Jun-2025 Ongoing briefings with the congressional delegation have been provided and continue to occur periodically relative to southwestern portfolio strategy efforts, regulatory strategy efforts, and financial assistance needs within the region. Water Authority leadership and staff held meetings with congressional delegation in D.C. in March 2022. Valencia
14 Strengthen relationships with state and federal legislators by conducting at least two legislative roundtable events at the Water Authority headquarters during each calendar year. Jun-2025 The COVID pandemic created challenges associated with meeting in person in 2021. Management will coordinate with Board and LPO Leadership on future legislative roundtables, including potential changes to timing and format. Staff is planning to have an affordability legislative roundtable in 2022. Valencia

BUSINESS SERVICES - Financial Management - Lisa Marie Harris

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Complete updated Long-Range Financing Plan to support the long-term fiscal sustainability of the Water Authority. Feb-2021 Sep-2021 Long-Range Financing Plan meetings were held throughout July, August, and September 2021 with the Work Group, Member Agency Managers, Member Agency Finance Officers, Member Agency staff, and the Water Authority Board. The Board approved the Adopted 2021 Long-Range Financing at the September board meeting. Harris-Whyte
2 Coordinate with the Fiscal Sustainability Taskforce to review and provide input to planning and financial reports, including the Long-Range Financing Plan, the Asset Management Plan, and the Urban Water Management Plan. Feb-2022 Oct-2022 In November and December 2020, the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force discussed CIP budget and expenditures as it relates to CY2022 Rates, FYs 22&23 Budget, and the Long-Range Financing Plan. In January 2021, the group was reconstituted as the Financial Strategy Work Group. The Work Group met 12 times in CY 2021 with topics ranging from CY2022 Rates and Charges, FYs 2022 & 2023 Budget, Water Sales Forecasts, 2020 Urban Water Management Plan, and the 2021 Long-Range Financial Plan. With significant input from the Workgroup, the Board adopted the LRFP in September 2021. Currently, the Work Group is working with staff to develop considerations for a new rate structure (CY 2024) and development of new Budget process. Harris-Rossum
3 Advocate Water Authority position through participation in two industry conferences per year via speaking engagements and achieve membership in industry committees and boards, such as California Society of Municipal Finance Officers, Government Finance Officers Association, Bond Buyer, and the California Municipal Treasurer's Association. Jun-2023 The Finance Director/Treasurer participated in several virtual industry events this year. She was a panelist for National Federation of Municipal Analysts and Bond Buyer events and was a speaker for the National Association of Securities Professionals and the Government Finance Officers Association Education and Advisory Council. The Rate and Debt Manager participated on a panel presenting on the Regional Conveyance System Study (Phase A) at the 2021 P3 Water Summit. He provided an overview of the econometric approach, results, and next steps. The team fielded questions related to potential interest in future public-private-partnership opportunities. Harris
4 Evaluate and implement new budget and financial planning software. Jun-2023 Jun-2027 Staff is evaluating budgeting software options. As part of the FYs 2022 and 2023 budget development, an initiative was recommended for the purchase and implementation of new software. The initiative was not approved for this budget cycle and will be revisited for the FYs 2024 and 2025 budget. Target date has been revised to June 2027. Whyte-Melillo
5 Develop a repository of the Water Authority's financial policies along with evaluating and republishing them as necessary to ensure they are current, understandable and reflect best practices. Jun-2023 Certain financial policies have been revised (i.e., policies on asset capitalization thresholds, capital and operating lease reporting, treatment for sale of prepaid water in storage, asset capitalization and expensing of costs, inventorying of capital assets steps, equipment use in the ERF) and others are being reviewed. Balistrieri-Joplin-Rossum-Whyte-Woidzik
6 Leverage PeopleSoft reporting to develop the Budget Status Report of the Controller's Report within the software thereby reducing dependence on manual steps. Jun-2024 Account mapping of General Ledger accounts into the Budget Status Report, as well as into the audited financial statements has been completed; Documentation and recording of process steps involving the accounting workpapers to complete the Budget Status Report has been completed; and the steps to map the revenues and then the expense accounts into the BSR using PeopleSoft programming are the next steps. Matsuo-Balistrieri, Woidzik
7 Identify and implement electronic record keeping solutions for financial documents. Jun-2024 Staff has identified electronic filing needs for financial documents and is in the process of coordinating efforts with other departments. Joplin-Whyte
8 Implement Debt Management Strategy to achieve net present value savings on outstanding short-term and long-term debt, including refunding of medium term for new 5-year note, bond issuance for the Capital Improvement Program, the Desalination Plant Refunding, and evaluation of future refunding on a current or advance basis. Jun-2025 The Water Authority executed four refundings between July 2020 and April 2021, resulting in $130M NPV savings. In January 2022 the Board Adopted a new debt management strategy and recommendation for new money issuance in February 2022. In February 2022, the Water Authority successfully completed the sale of the Water Revenue Bonds, Series 2022A for a total of $170 million at an all-in true interest rate of 3.08%, taking advantage of historically low interest rates. The Water Authority credit ratings were affirmed by Fitch, S&P, and Moody's in January 2022. The ratings for the 3 agencies are AA+/AAA/Aa2 respectively. S&P revised its long-term outlook to stable from negative, citing the board adoption of the 2021 Long-Range Financing Plan as the basis for the revision. Staff continues to evaluate and monitor market activity for future debt strategies. Harris-Rossum-Whyte
9 Identify and implement budget development and forecasting efficiencies each year in support of long-term planning and fiscal sustainability. Jun-2025 Process efficiencies implemented during FY22&23 budget development include: Use of sequence numbers for detailed budget and spending tracking, new reports and dashboards for presenting budget development data, and a streamlined process for submitting and tracking Strategic Budget Initiatives and IT initiatives. Also, New MS Access reports were created for executive budget review and new PowerBI reports have been developed for forecasting and monitoring. Whyte

BUSINESS SERVICES - Workforce Management - Ashley Kite

No. Objective Description Target Date Revised Date Status Comments Lead(s)
1 Gain agreement to future Memorandum(s) of Understanding with bargaining groups in accordance with Board direction. Jun-2021 On April 22, 2021, the Board of Directors approved a two-year successor agreement with the three employee bargaining units effective July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023. Kite/Spaniol
2 Identify remote options for employee wellness initiatives. Jun-2021 The Human Resources Department has initiated several remote options for wellness including a walking challenge (Walktober), fitness tracking challenge (Well Traveled), mental health challenge (Work of Art), healthy eating challenge (Colorful Choices), several healthy cooking demonstrations, a series of mental health webinars through Kaiser, and additional promotions of resources available to employees (e.g. meditation apps available through Kaiser, EAP resources, etc.). HR has facilitated a virtual health fair during open enrollment for years 2020 and 2021 with attendance comparable to previous years' in-person events. Additional remote options have been evaluated beyond the target date after the majority of staff returned to the office in-person in March 2022 with increased telecommuting options. Lunch and learns have been changed to hybrid format, with the majority, if not all, of attendees attending remotely. Duran
3 Survey employees regarding wellness initiatives to continue supporting the health and wellness of employees. Dec-2021 Staff were surveyed for interest in varying financial wellness topics and activities; the information received was incorporated into programs and activities for calendar year 2021. Future surveys related to other wellness topics will be conducted in spring 2022 for fiscal year 2023 initiatives. Duran
4 Develop training resources to provide support, guidance, and training to managers to assist in building and maintaining effective working relationships with labor groups. Jun-2022 Training resources related to employee relations, including the recent updates to the MOU and how the MOU relates to other contract and administrative procedures, was presented to executive and senior management staff at the May 2021 Management Staff Meeting. A custom training for raters participating on interview panels as well as training resources for hiring managers will be implemented in early 2022 through the web-based platform, Target Solutions. Additional resources and materials are currently under development. Kite
5 Survey member agencies regarding the Regional Water/Wastewater Internship Program to ensure it continues to meet the needs of stakeholders, including local community colleges and member agencies. Jun-2022 Agencies were surveyed regarding their participation in the FY 2021-2022 Internship Program and other feedback regarding the program. Future surveys will be distributed at quarterly intervals to assess agencies' feedback and satisfaction with the program. Duran
6 Conduct a follow-up employment engagement survey to continue General Manager's culture change efforts. Jun-2022 A follow-up employee engagement survey was conducted in August 2021, with results presented at the November 2021 Quarterly Briefing. Executives and Senior Managers discussed the results with their staff and identified focus areas for calendar year 2022. The revamp of the Employee Recognition Program, a focus of the survey results, is underway with a goal of completion in fall 2022. Kite
7 Ensure 100% compliance with required safety training. Jun-2025 Required safety training through the web-based platform due June 30, 2022 is at 99.9% completion rate as of June 8, 2022. Employees overdue on assignments have been sent a reminder to complete the assignment as soon as possible. Two in-person trainings (respirator fit test and pesticide training) have been rescheduled to a later date due to COVID. CPR/AED refresher training was completed online due to COVID-19 restrictions. Lee
8 Evaluate and recommend technology to streamline standardized human resources practices. Jun-2025 Evaluation of new technologies are addressed on an individualized basis to ensure cost effectiveness and improved efficiencies. Kite/Spaniol
9 Promote San Diego Water Works and SkillBridge resources to member agencies and potential candidate pools. Jun-2025 Staff presented on the workforce development initiatives to the Board of Directors in September 2020, the AWWA and Municipal Mgt Assoc of Southern California (MMASC) conferences in October 2020, the AWWA Conference in June 2021, East County Economic Development Council in November 2021, and ACWA Conference in December 2021. Outreach on the regional webite, SanDiegoWaterWorks.org, is conducted through periodic press releases, articles in Water News Network, and posts through social media. The Water Authority has hosted five interns in the SkillBridge Program as of June 30, 2022. The Water Authority is co-sponsoring an in-person Military Career Day in August 2022 (rescheduled from January 2022) to provide information on the water industry to transitioning military and veterans. Spaniol/Duran